Rectorat Building, UIN News Online—Mathematics Student Union, Faculty of Tarbiya and Teaching will hold the 15th Nationwide Olimpiade Matematika (OPTIKA). This event will be participated by various level of education, from Madrassa Ibtidaiya, Madrassa Tsanawiya, and Madrassa Aliya.

This is as what is quoted from Head of the Union Lava Himawan to UIN News Online in Rectorat Building, Tuesday (01/09). According to Himawan, the event which takes place from 12-20 September 2015 will embrace the theme “Enlightening the World with Achievements of Muslim Generation in Mathematics.”

With the said theme, said Himawan, this event will hopefully drive madrassas to hold a competitive education in Maths with the same level as Public High School. “We would like to make Maths down to earth in madrassas and Islamic schools,” he continued.

For the event, OPTIKA will consist of 5 stages. First, preliminary round that will be held in 13 districts, which are DKI, Banten, West Java, Central Java, DIY, East Java, Jambi, NAD, Central Kalimantan, South Kalimantan, South Sulawesi, North Sulawesi, and Bali, Maluku, and Papua.

The second stage is the announcement of Top 3 Finalists of every district. The third stage, the national preliminary round. The fourth stage, the semi final, and last stage is the Grand Final. “Both semi final and Grand Final will take place in UIN Jakarta campus,” uttered Himawan.

The winner of this event will bring home the winning rotating Presidential Trophy and the winning permanent Minister of Religious Affairs Trophy. He/she will also be entitled to development money. (TAM/LRF/MIF) Diterjemahkan oleh: Muhammad Ichsan Fadillah

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