Jakarta, UIN News—Islamic Higher Education (PTI) in Indonesia forced to be joining in Association ofIslamic Quality Assurance(Islamic-QA). The participation expected to boost the academic quality and accreditation, at least equal with other regional leading universities. Besides Higher Education Accreditation Bodies (BAN-PT) which became a full member, there is only UIN Jakarta and UIN Malang which have became an associate member.
That was conveyed by Prof. Dr. Mansur Ma’sum, the Head Committee of International Seminar of Islamic Quality Assurance (Islamic-QA) which initiated by BAN-PT in cooperation with UIN Jakarta and UIN Malang, Monday (6/10). The seminar took theme “Institutional Partnership on Quality Assurance in Strengthening Islamic Higher Education”.
“PTI can share the important information about enhancement of higher education quality,” said Ma’sum.
Ma’sum said, Islamic higher education in Indonesia now facing a new challenge of the society high expectation in creating professional scholars in their own field of studies. Such a condition insisted every Islamic university in Indonesia to improve their quality either in academic or non-academic.
To improve it, he explained, one of the steps is through a community of Islamic universities quality insurance, like Association of Islamic-QA. Now, a number of universities in 54 Islamic countries noted as the member. Besides an active member, universities could be the associate member first.
Minister for Higher Education Research and Technology, Prof. M. Nasir Ph.D, who opened the seminar expectuniversities in Indonesia, including PTI, is able to align itself with world class higher education and continuously improve academic quality. A better academic quality of universities enables its’ scholar alumni has the equal position with world universities alumni.
Related to that, Nasir saw a necessary of stakeholders in Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Technology and Ministry of Religious as well as BAN-PT to sharpen forms of cooperation. “So we could see, is it standard or not (quality, red.). If not, then the quality has to be repaired,” he said.
Besides that, Nasir expects BAN-PT growth as a credible institution in judging and assessing universities in Indonesia, either under control of Ministry for Higher Education Research and Technology or Ministry of Religious. Nasir also give a chance to a further dialogue with the rectors of all UIN in Indonesia in accelerating improvement of academic quality. “This is very helpful to the government in controlling the existence and quality of universities,” he said.
Meanwhile, Directorate General for Islamic Education of Ministry of Religious, Prof. Dr. Phil Kamaruddin Amin MA, said, the theme of seminar and annual meeting agenda of association is in harmony with vary pre-condition of Islamic higher education in Indonesia. In addition to continuously take a role in growing democracy and inclusive attitudes, Islamic universities also demanded to be a crucial link in Indonesian educational system.
Furthermore, Islamic universities in Indonesia also become the source for integrative science between classical science and general science. This pattern of integrative requires all of Islamic universities to continuously improving their academic quality. “These characteristics need specific indicator as a quality guarantee that can be agreed mutually in Islamic countries.
As known, Association of Islamic-QA in cooperation with UIN Jakarta and UIN Malang presented annual meeting in Jakarta. Besides seminar, the meeting also filled with various meeting forum for academic institution of association member.(MF/LRF/ZM/IPM)

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