Ciputat, UIN News Online – In order to mitigate and optimize the role of students and lecturers, the Faculty of Health Sciences (FIKES) UIN Jakarta formed the Covid-19 Task Force Team. This was said by the Dean of FIKES UIN Jakarta Zilhadia to UIN News Online, Tuesday (06/23/2020).

Zilhadia explained, the team was tasked with educating the public to do things that had been recommended by the government, both online and offline media.

“Through online media is carried out by Academic Adviser (PA) lecturers by delivering educational material to what is forwarded to the public through various media, such as whatsapp, instagram, facebook, twitter, etc,” she said.

For the offline education, he continued, is carried out by distributing brochures and flyers containing educational material and placed in strategic places strategic places where people do not have online access. “This program is expected to help the government in breaking the chain of Covid-19 infection,” she added.

She also explained, the Covid-19 outbreak has caused many people to work from home or be laid off due to government policies related to social and physical distancing. This condition, she added, provides an opportunity for irresponsible people to create or spread false information (hoaxes) regarding Covid-19.

“One of them is a hoax which states that eating lots of garlic will prevent a person from getting Covid-19 transmission. WHO dismissed this information,” said Zilhadia.

Meanewhile, the FIKES UIN Jakarta Covid-19 task force chairperson Yardi revealed that in the first week after the launch of the socialization module, more than 8,000 people had been socialized or educated.

Additionally, he continued, FIKES also printed 1,500 flyers containing various information related to how to use and remove the correct mask, how to use a hand sanitizer, recommendations for staying at home and etc.

“The flyer is distributed to various communities in the South Tangerang region,” he said.

FIKES also collaborated with the Faculty of Da’wah and Communication Science (FDIK) UIN Jakarta in creating a video about the handling of Covid-19 victims. This is due to too many cases of funerals of COVID-19 victims being rejected in several regions.

Through various activities carried out from April to May, Yardi hopes that at least more than 30,000 people will get the correct information regarding Covid 19, so that the chain of transmission of the outbreak can be prevented. (usa/mf)

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