Bogor, BERITA UIN Online—As many as 30 people ustadzand ustadzahfollowed the event of Training of Trainers (ToT) Peace Education in Human Rights Perspective and Islam in Boarding School (Pesantren) which held in the Center for the Study of Religion and Culture (CSRC) UIN Jakarta in Bogor, Tuesday-Friday (18-21/08/2015). The participants were delegations from various boarding schools in the entire Java (Surabaya, Semarang, Yogyakarta, Bandung and Jakarta).

This was conveyed by Program Coordinator, A. Aziz to BERITA UIN Online, Wednesday (1908/15). According to him, this activity were the continuation of “Pesantren for Peace” program which initiated by CSRC UIN Jakarta together with KonradAdenaeurStiftung with supports from the European Union.

As well as PFP program, this ToTcreated pesantrenelements as the main participants of this program. This was mainly because pesantren have a major role in the creation ofpeace in the society.

“Because of that, we’re very appreciates the ToT participants which come from a number of pesantrenin various cities in Java and very enthusiastic and actively participate in this activity,” he said.

Sholehudin added,ToT activity itself has several purposes. First, improve knowledge about Islam, peace, human rights, and conflict resolution peacefully. Second, to train and equip skills about materials, facilitation techniques, and participant skills to be trainer of conflict resolution and peace in Human Rights and Islam perspective. Third, gets important suggestions to be the foundation and reference in making repairs and improvements of syllabus, either in contents, methods, and so forth.

Director of CSRC, Irfan Abu Bakar is optimistic that this activity could bring peace facilitators from among ustadz and ustadzah of pesantren. These ustadz and ustadzah further are expected to teach peace education to their students and societies. “So the spirit of peace will spread widely in our society,” he hoped. (TAM) Translated by Mahar

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