Kursus PerancisAfter going through a strict selection of documents and interview, Center for International Cooperation (CIC) UIN Jakarta accepts 20 students to join French Super Intensive Course without fees charges (or in other term, for free) for the period of August-November 2015.

There was 70 students who enroll. After selection of documents and interview, 20 participants were accepted to join,” said Head of CIC Rachmat Baihaky MA in his office, Thursday (27/8/2015).

According to Baihaky, this course is designated for students who are in their final year and have no more courses at work.

“This course is funded by UIN Jakarta entirely, in cooperation with Institut Francais d’Indonesie (IFI, red.) with huge amount of money. We would like to select participants who are really eager to join this program without disturbance with any activities until the end,” said Baihaky.

The course class started in Monday (24/8/2015) in Diorama room, main auditorium Harun Nasution. The event was officially inaugurated by Vice Rector for Students Affairs (the 3rd vice rector) Prof Dr Yusran Razak.

“We hope the course’s participants will join the program up till the finishing time, so the course will result in something that can push UIN Jakarta in strengthening its network of international cooperation, and going toward International Recognition,” said Yusron.

If it is not started now, said Yusron, International Recognition will only be a dream.

During the time, also present the Director from IFI Nicolas Moreau as a speaker. Nicolas mentioned several important reasons to learn French, which included French as a highly spoken language (nearly 270 million people all over the world speak French). Besides being able to study in universities across France, students could also travel and admire the romatic atmosphere in France.

“The number of travelers who come to France exceeds the population of the nation herself, which are 70 million per year,” said Nicolas.

According to Nicolas, the government of France is really concerned with education, hence the education fee from elementary up to higher education in France is free of charge.

“Not only for its citizens, but also people of foreign nationality who are qualified for certain conditions, they can also study in France for free,” said Nicolas.

For the course schedule, it will be started in 24 August 2015 until 30 September 2015, from Monday to Friday 7.30 am to 2.00 pm.

“It is strictly unallowed for students to be not present for any reasons, except serious health resons. If there is one time a student is not present, the person will be considered resigned,” said Baihaky.

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