Diorama Room, UIN News Online – Korean fanfiction author, Selly Sulistiawati, shares tips on her experience writing fiction. It was delivered in front of the scholarship recipients at the Fiction Writing and Scientific Writing Training in the Diorama Room, Thursday (12/4/2018). She admitted it’s not that difficult to pour her ideas while writing fiction. “The important thing from the focus and enough time to write,” said Selly in front of audience.

According to Selly, writing fiction also needs the ability to imagine and read a lot, especially various literary works. Many read at least be the main capital of writing, both to enrich the language as well as vocabulary.

“How are we going to be able to write well if we never read,” she said.

Selly herself tells the beginning she wrote the novels of her Korean story background. It is said that the work of the novel that he wrote so far originated from the light stories on his personal blog. While her background on Korea, departing from her passion for Korean drama, Korean addict and K-Pop lovers.

Selly also claimed to really like all forms of Korean culture since teenagers, from movies, music, to the Korean fashion style. So much for her likes, she also collected DVDs of Korean movies, including fictional translation books, especially the work of Kim Eun Jeong, her favorite author.

“I then thought, why not just make a novel book,” said alumnus of Social Science Education Department Faculty of Tarbiyah and Teacher Training UIN Jakarta 2015.

Since then, Selly contacted the publisher which then responded positively to publish her work as novel book. Her first novel published titled Prosecutor Got Married (2013) and became a best-selling book.

“Alhamdulillah, everything is out of my estimation if the novel is selling well in the market,” said the woman born in Tangerang, Banten, March 17, 1993, and have this pen name Senselly.

Now there are 10 books written by Senselly, the CEO of Scandal (2013), On (c) e (2014), and Colover (2014), Wedding (2015), Prosecutor Got Married, Terrible Love Case (2016) Marriageable (2016), Captain’s Romance (2016), and Miss Unlucky Singer (2017).

To the students, Selly advised not to hesitate to write and work. If being a book writer, he said, not only royalties received from publishers but also popularity.

“Yes at least could be a consultant and seminar speakers,” she said. (usa-rs)

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