Cireundeu, UIN News—Muslim community in Eastern Europe and Canada expect UIN Jakarta take a main role as the core for Islamic studies.they wish UIN Jakarta become the door to learn about moderate and inclusive Islam.

HE Mr. Mohamed Cengic, the Ambassador of Bosnia hoped there will be educational cooperation with UIN Jakarta. That was conveyed by Cengicin a dinner with the ambassadors and representatives of Eastern Europe countries at the official residence of Rector, Cirendeu, Thursday (15/10).

As a new country as well as Muslim majority, education sector is the priority to build. But as the Muslim majority country, they also need education and guidance about moderate Islam. “The developing of Islamic education and studies become our priority as a Muslim majority country,” he said.

ujarnya. The same expectation also conveyed by Dr. Hamid Slimi, Chairman of Canadian Deen Studies, while he was doing audiences a day before with Rector, Prof. Dr. DedeRosyada MA, Friday (09/10).Slimi said, either Muslim or non-Muslim society in Canada are interested to learn more about Islam. “The problem that we found is limitation of Muslim scholars who can teach them,” he said.

In fact in Canada, Slimi said, there are several ulema-scholars who are capable to teach about Islam. The problem is, those people have more understanding on FiqhMalikiyah. “While the orientation of Muslim majority in that country is FiqhSyafi’iyah,” he explained.

To overcome that problem,Muslim Canada expected UIN Jakarta to send their scholars who interested teaching Islam to the Canada society. In the future, Canadian side also interested to send their students to learn about Islam in UIN Jakarta. Responding expectation from various parties, Rector Prof. Dr. DedeRosyadaMA, uttered his appreciation to the expectation of world Islamic society towards UIN Jakarta. As the Islamic university, he said, UIN Jakarta is very open for anyone who wants to learn about Islam.

Andfor the education opportunity, he explained, the students from Eastern Europe countries or Canada are able to access the payment of education from Ministry of Religious Republic of Indonesia. ”UIN Jakarta, supported by Ministry of Religious is providing scholarship for foreign students to study in UIN Jakarta,” he said.

In a different occupation, Vice Rector of Cooperation, Prof. Dr. Murodi MA, was socializing the book “Profile and Cooperation Guidance in UIN Jakarta Environment” in the Hall of Pusbangsitek, Depok, Thursday (15/10). Murodi hoped, this book could be the reference of cooperation in every unit in UIN Jakarta with other bodies or institution.

“Next, cooperation is not just written in the paper. There has to be a guidebook in the implementation of cooperation. If the cooperation has been organized professionally, then there’ll be positive impact both for UIN Jakarta and the institutions which cooperate with,” he added. (HMN/TAM/LRF/IPM)

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