al jami’ah Mosque, UIN News Online – UIN Jakarta Qari and Qari’ah association hold Cadre Training (TRIK). The event was held at al-Jami’ah Mosque, Campus I of UIN Jakarta, and will last for three months, starting from March 5th until May 28th, 2017.

Until today, (4/3), only 177 of 290 registered participants who are able to continue the training. Before they can participate in the training, the must passed the expertise and specialization tests, in the form of tahsin, hadroh, recitations, marawis, syarhil Quran, and shalawat, or Qasidah.

When met by UIN News Online, the chairman of HIQMA Lana Saputra said that there are eight learning materials that will be given during the training, namely learning motivation, the history of al-Qur’an, Qur’ani akhlak, mujawwat, murattal, Islamic arts (percussion), vocal training, and healthy HIQMA in the form of physical training.

“Hopefully this activity will create and develop the skills and knowledge of the participants. Importantly, they will be able to recite the holy Qur’an with good tajweed. Additionally, the tahsin mentoring will be carried out on a weekly basis,” he said.

For information, all prospective new members will perform majors or specialization in accordance with the placement test results. TRIK is the one of coaching programs that implemented by HIQMA, the other programs are Organizational Training Management (TPO) and Islamic Arts Performances (PSI). (usa)

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