Bandung, UIN NEWS Online– All business areas of UIN Jakarta must comply with regulations stipulated by the Center for Business Development. In addition, a financial system that includes reporting and other should also be done one door through the Center for Business Development of UIN Jakarta.

This is the excerpt of the Vice Rector for Inter Cooperation between UIN Jakarta Institute Prof. Dr. Murodi MA when giving direction as well as leading the commission meeting III (business field), at the 2018 UIN Jakarta Leadership Meeting (Rakerpim) held at e’l Royal Hotel Bandung, Sunday-Tuesday (01/21-23).

Murodi asserted, that business business run in UIN Jakarta is in the form of service, but must remain profitable for the institution. Because the benefits will be empowered for the development and smooth teaching and learning process on campus.

“In the future, we hope that the existing business will be more developed and able to provide the best for UIN Jakarta institution. Where, the results will be equally perceived by the entire academic community, “he hoped.

In the same place, present the chairman of the existing business in the environment UIN Jakarta. They are, among others, Dharma Wanita UIN Jakarta, Syahida Inn, UIN Jakarta Hospital, IKALUIN, and others.

From the report of all business leaders present, it can be seen that there are some progress in the business field being run. However, there is still some homework to be done right away.

Prof. Dr. Abudinnata on the occasion said that the need for mapping and classification of business fields in UIN Jakarta. This is done, in order to facilitate the implementation of regulations and policies of the leadership of UIN Jakarta, which is coordinated by the Business Center.

“One thing that we need to remember together, that the field of business in UIN Jakarta not only we take advantage, but we must revive it as well, to be sustainable,” he said.

In response, Head of UIN Jakarta Business Center Dr Abdul Rozak MSi said that business people must be under the umbrella of the business center. Therefore, all business people remain in their survival, but still in the coordination of UIN Jakarta business center.

“Later, will be sorting and mapping between pure business and academic, and we will apply a clear regulation. In the near future, we will carry out workshops that produce blue prints for future reference materials. Of course, we will coordinate with the leadership,” explained Rozak.

This meeting lasted more than three hours, resulting in several conclusions that will be followed up so that some of them can be a regulation for the way of business in UIN Jakarta. (usa)

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