LP2M, UIN News Online– The Visiting Scholars Institute for Research and Community Services (LP2M) held an open meetings and discussions with UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta Rector, Prof. Dr. Dede Rosyada, MA, in rector’s office, on Monday (10/9). This year LP2M presents 13 Visiting Scholars consisting of 11 Visiting Professors and 2 Research Fellowships who filled regular classes, as well as speakers in international seminars and conferences. The visiting scholars shared their plan to conduct collaborative research with UIN Jakarta academics from across the faculty who have the same expertise and field of interest. The visiting scholars were staying in UIN Jakarta starting from the beginning of the new school year with different variations of time (14 days – 90 days) and be placed on the homebased Faculty according to their mastered science of discipline.

Visiting scholars who have started their academic activities in UIN Jakarta, among them were; 1. Prof. Dr. Shirley Baker (Alliantz University-America) who was placed at the Faculty of Tarbiyah and Teacher Training (FITK) 2. Prof. Irina R Katkova (St. Petersburg University- Russia) at the Faculty of Adab and Humanities, 3. Prof. Norbani Ismail (Georgetown University- American) at Ushuludin Faculty, 4. Prof. Tomoaki Murata (Yamaguchi University-Japan) at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences and Dr. Nevzet Celik (EPDHE Sorbone- France) at the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences.

In the meeting and discussion with the rector, their presented their progress on the collaborative research plan that will be conducted together with UIN Jakarta lecturers. They viewed that UIN Jakarta academic community which according to them have superior research capacity and capability so this collaborative research will actually produce useful and widespread scientific works for the society. In his response, the Rector welcomed their idea and work plan which was expected able to strengthen the academic climate in UIN Jakarta, especially related to collaborative penetration. Rector hopes that with this research collaborative, the quantity of articles written with affiliates will continue to increase in number and in quality, the content of research articles will be better and deeper. (usa)

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