Student Affairs Building, UIN News Online – In the past, the new student orientation is always identified with the hazing or bullying of junior students by their seniors. Now, things like that are gone. The new student orientation has been reformed into a more impressive event.

This was conveyed by Vice Rector III of Student Affairs Prof Dr Yusran Razak MA. He made sure there were no forms of physical abuse or violence during the activity. He also forbids participants from carrying unusual accessories.

“All participants are prohibited from carrying unusual accessories, except for the white and black clothing and sash as their respective identities,” said Yusran to UIN News Online after he led the coordination meeting with the vice deans of student affairs in preparation for Academic Cultural Introduction (PBAK) for new students UIN Jakarta academic year 2017/2018 at Student Affairs Building of UIN Jakarta, Friday (8/4).

He said, the new student orientation in UIN Jakarta is now more oriented to the academic introduction. As freshmen, they should adapt with the campus environment. In addition to knowing the vision and mission of UIN Jakarta, the freshmen also must also be able to recognize the learning process during their study, both technical and non-technical.

“The freshmen are unfamiliar with the campus environment. So, they should be introduced with the academic culture and regulations at UIN Jakarta. It is intended that they can adapt well in UIN Jakarta,” said Yusran.

The introduction of academic culture is not only related to the field of academic administration or lecturing system, but also with the field of student affairs and available facilities and infrastructure. students are expected to know about their rights and obligations during their time at UIN Jakarta. (usa)

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