SC, UIN News Online – UIN Jakarta’s Vice Rector for Student Affairs Masri Mansoer, invites all state civil servants (ASN) UIN Jakarta to implement the five principles contained in the Pancasila. All the five principles in Pancasila are very precise with the performance of ASN.

It was said by Mansri during the Pancasila’s day ceremony, held at Student Center hall, campus I of UIN Jakarta, Saturday (06/01/2019).

According to Masri, the five principles of Pancasila have values that are in accordance and inseparable with the life of an ASN. The first principle, Belief in the One and Only God (Ketuhanan yang Maha Esa), contains the value that the working principle is part of worship, by showing a grateful attitude for every work that has been entrusted. ASN is also required to carry out the performance sincerely, work wholeheartedly, honestly and discipline.

Additionally, Masri also emphasized the importance of cooperation, mutual respect, and mutual support among ASNs, and did not discriminate between people based on the background.

“ASN must prioritize the interests of the UIN Jakarta organization rather than personal and group interests,” he said. (usa)

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