SC Field, UIN NEWS Online – Vice Rector for Student Affairs as Daily Chief of Assembly Advocate Front of Scout Movement of UIN Jakarta Prof. Dr. Yusron Razak officially opened the Scout Competition Event for Penegak and Penggalang in the Student Center, Saturday (14/10/2017) ). The opening ceremony was marked by a gong beating and symbol signing of the participants symbolically to two participants.

Yusron Razak in his speech appreciated the activities conducted by the Boy Scouts of UIN Jakarta by inviting a number of schools in three provinces at the annual event competition. He hopes the achievement activities can be a good momentum for improving the quality of scouting education in Indonesia, especially in UIN Jakarta.

“We take pride in the spirit of the Scouts from various schools and levels that come from three provinces. In addition to joining the race, you can also stay in touch with your fellow Scouts from different schools. Therefore, we hope you can follow the activity well and become champion, “he said.

Yusron also explained, UIN Jakarta Scout is a complete front cluster that stood since 28 years ago. In the front cluster is not only there Pandega Scout class, but also Enforcement, Penggalang, and Alert. All shelter under Front Fatahillah-Nyi Mas Gandasari Number 07.075 and 07.076 Kwartir Branch of South Jakarta.

The Achievement Competition Event was attended by at least 1,576 participants from 101 bases (schools), consisting of 936 Entrepreneurs Scouts (61 bases) and 640 Scouts of Penggalang (40 bases). They come from various high school and junior high schools in three regions, namely DKI Jakarta, Banten, and West Java.

Meanwhile, the contest competitions include Pioneering, First Aid Emergency (PPGD), Semaphore and Morse, Hasta Karya, Copywriting and Logo Design, Video Blog (Vlog), and Betawi Betawi Traditional Creative Creation.

Present at the opening ceremony were the scout guides of UIN Jakarta and coaches from each base. In addition to the race, activities that lasted until Sunday (15/10/2017) was also enlivened with bazaar food and beverages and various accessories. (usa)

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