ISODiorama Room, UIN NEWS Online– Vice Rector II of Public Administration Prof. Dr. Abdul Hamid MS asks all units in UIN Jakarta to implement a Quality Management System (QMS) ISO 9001 immediately. The implementation of ISO 9001 is expected to spur each unit to improve their quality of service to the students.

It was conveyed by Hamid when closing the External Audit of QMS ISO in Diorama Room, UIN Jakarta, Tuesday (6/28). “I hope all faculties implement the QMS ISO in near future. It is for our own benefit, and to improve our service quality,”he said.

Several faculties and units in UIN Jakarta have yet to implement QMS ISO, although the last three years, most of the faculty and the unit has implemented QMS ISO. This system is a guideline for the faculties and units to provide the services in an efficient, effective, and scalable ways.

Furthermore, Hamid also hope that the faculties and units that have implemented QMS ISO can continue to maintain and improve the service quality. He asked the outcome from QMS ISO External Quality Audit Team to be the foundation for correcting and improving the services.

The outcome from QMS ISO External Quality Audit Team in recent days have discovered a number of deficiencies in the form of public services in some units and faculties that already implemented the QMS ISO.The team recommends us to fix the latest findings in the next two months. “If it takes more than two months, the QMS ISO for UIN Jakarta will be suspended.” They said. (ihsan/hmn/zm/fa/umar)

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