­Diorama room, UIN NEWS Online – Islam is a perfect religion and there is no doubt in it. Islam had been set up gender equality and justice. Islam is not a religion that discriminates against women, on the contrary Islam is very respectful on women because at its presence, Islam raises the women dignity.

Thus was what have been conveyed by Prof. Dr. Zaitunah Subhan, Chairman of Commission II of the Film Censorship Institute of Indonesia and a Professor of Sharia Faculty and Law of UIN Jakarta in her first lecture on gender and child class and a book review of Al Qur’an and Women in Diorama Room UIN Jakarta on Thursday (18/ 05/2017).

“Since the last two decades, gender issues have become an interesting topic in seminars and studies. There are two meanings in the term of gender, first, gender in biological sense, which is the giving of God concerning sex, physical anatomy, reproduction, hormones, and other biological characteristics. And, gender in a non-biological sense, which is differences in men and women in the construction or society studies that can be changed “, Zaitunah explained.

She added, in the study of women there is a cultural concept that seeks to make a difference in terms of their role, behavior, mentality, and emotional characteristics between men and women resulting from cultural and society construction.

“In society, male is described with masculinity traits such as rational, tough, hard, brave, and so on. Women with its feminine in nature, such as soft, emotional, shy, love, and so on. Society assumes on its judgment that masculine is considered positive and superior, ” Zaitunah explained.

She added that it is necessary to promote equality and justice on gender, because one of the missions of Islam is to liberate people from injustice and Islam emphasizes justice in all aspects of life.

“Qur’an scriptures is the first proclaimed the defense of women’s rights. There is no single verse about a person’s superiority because of factors of sex, descendent, and ethnicity, “she said.

Zaitunah explained that Islam came and changed Arab on its patriarchy culture and traditions in a revolutionary way. “The prophet Muhammad SAW is known by a figure who is very appreciative to women, re-establish the culture which made women in difficult position become dignified, and men are commanded to be fair and wise, do good, and protect the women,” she explained. (usa-im)


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