Rectorate, UIN News Online – The Admission for State Islamic Higher Education (UM PTKIN) enrollment for UIN Jakarta academic year 2020/2021 will be opened in February 2020. The study programs offered in this path are religious study programs, which are 27 study programs with a total quota of 40 percent.

Based on UIN Jakarta’s PR release, Wednesday (01/08/2020), The UM-PTKIN is a joint national selection held simultaneously in all PTKIN in an integrated manner. This written test was followed by 58 PTKIN in Indonesia, namely 17 UIN, 32 IAIN, and 9 STAIN.

As scheduled, PTKIN UM registration and payment began to open on 15 April-29 May 2020 at 16.00 WIB. Whereas the finalization of registration starts on April 15-June 1 2020 at 24.00 WIB. UM-PTKIN registrants will be charged Rp 200,000 and will be paid directly through BNI banks in all branch offices in Indonesia.

The method is, prospective students must first fill out their biodata online at to get the Payment Instruction Slip number (SIP). This SIP number is a substitute for the registrant’s bank account number.

The test will be held on 15-24 June 2020 (8 days) with locations throughout PTKIN in Indonesia and using the Computer Base Test (CBT). In contrast to last year, this year there were 24 sessions of examinations with three sessions in one day. As a rule, each participant is only given the opportunity to take the exam once.

The examinees were divided into two groups, namely the Science and Technology field for the Natural Sciences Group and the Social, Humanities, and Religious fields for the Social Sciences Group. The test material for the Natural Sciences Group is the Academic Potential Test (Verbal, Quantitative), Language (Arabic, English), Islamic (Aqeedah, Islamic Cultural History, Jurisprudence), and Natural Sciences Ability (Basic Mathematics, Integrated Natural Sciences).

As for the IPS (social) group, the exam material is the Academic Potential Test (verbal, quantitative), Language (Arabic, English), Islamic (Aqeedah, Islamic Cultural History, Jurisprudence), and Social Sciences Ability (Basic Mathematics, Integrated Social Sciences). *(usa/ns)

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