Main Auditorium, UIN NEWS Online– UIN Jakarta in collaboration with BAZIS Jakarta launched the Zakat Collection Unit (UPZ) at UIN Jakarta, Tuesday (22/03). In addition to the Rector Prof. Dr. Dede Rosyada MA, UPZ launch was attended by Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Cooperation Murodi MA, Vice-Rector for Student Affairs Prof Dr MA Yusron Razak, Chairman Prof Dr KH Didier BAZNAS Hafidzuddin MS, and Head of Jakarta Drs H BAZIS Djubaidi Adih MA.

In his speech, the chancellor revealed the presence of UPZ in UIN Jakarta is expected to facilitate the tax payers in the community of paying zakat. “But zakat collection activities by UPZ only be an appeal, not an obligation. If they are interested in distributing zakat there, UPZ would gladly accept it, “he said.

Responding to the launch of UPZ, Didier appreciate the positive steps UIN Jakarta. As an Islamic university, he said, the provision of UPZ on campus will make the practice of charity and philanthropy more often. Because this activity is no longer carried out theoretically. “People can practice these activities through UPZ directly,” he explained.

UPZ own formation, continued Didi, should be seen as a step in empowering people UIN Jakarta. Because, in addition to helping the lives of the less fortunate, zakat collected will also be allocated to finance studies students. As information, in 2016 there are 300 students receiving scholarships UIN Jakarta Bazis. (Translated by Ihsan/Safee)

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