PK Bureau Meeting Room, UIN News Online – In the context of financial management benchmarking, representatives from Walisongo State Islamic University (UIN) Semarang, visited UIN Jakarta on Wednesday (09/11/2019).

The group, led by UIN Walisongo PK Bureau Chief Priyono, was warmly welcomed by the Head of Planning Department, Kuswara, accompanied by the Head of Accounting and Reporting Department, M. Noor, as well as the Sub-division head from the financial planning department.

Priyono in his remarks expressed his gratitude for the appreciation and warm welcome from the UIN Jakarta academic community. He also revealed the purpose of his arrival.

“We want to learn about planning and finance as well as the the State Property management at UIN Jakarta. In addition, we also want to know many things related to the management of facilities and infrastructure, which is essential in improving the quality of educational institutions,” said Priyono.

In response, Kuswara appreciated the group from UIN Walisongo who had chosen UIN Jakarta as one of the campuses which is used as a place to share a lot of things on the financial management and educational institutions development.

“Hopefully this visit will be able to strengthen the relationship between the two institutions, as well as a place to share knowledge and experience that is useful in improving the quality of education and management in each institution,” said Kuswara.

For information, the meeting which lasted approximately four hours discussed various matters, including the BLU budget management of the BLU budget, State Property (BMN) management and SiLOLA Applications, which is owned by UIN Jakarta. (usa/lrf/trs)

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