uinsuskaAUK Bureau Meeting Room, UIN NEWS Online— UIN Sultan Syarif Kasim (Suska) Riau visited UIN Jakarta, Monday (23/01). The purpose of the visit was to learn internal audit management regarding the working performance system of lecturers, and employees, and remuneration distribution.

The visitation of the five representatives of UIN Suska was welcomed by Rector of UIN Jakarta Prof Dr Dede Rosyada MA in his office accompanied by Chief of Internal Monitoring Unit (SPI) Dr Achmad Tjachya Nugraha MP.

In his remarks, the rector warmly greet the arrival of UIN Suska delegates. Rector hopes, this visitation could strengthen the silaturrahim between the two institutions, and could share thoughts and ideas for the sake of science development in both institutions under the Ministry of Religious Affairs.

“Thank you for your visitation to UINSyarif Hidayatullah Jakarta, I hope with this silaturrahim event, we can share positive contribution in sciences and institutional management,” said rector.

Present in the meeting, delegtion head of  UIN Suska Riau Prof Dr M Nasir K (Head of the Senate), Prof Dr H Ilyas I (Comission A), H Mohd. Yunus (Senate Secretary), Dr H Akbarizan Mag MPd (Dean of FSH) and one other member of the senate.

The meeting with rector of UIN Jakarta was going for 15 minutes and continued by sharing session which took place in AUK Bureau Meeting room, accompanied by the Hed of Internal Monitoring Unit (SPI) Dr Achmad Tjachya MP.

The disussion and sharing that was going on for more than an hour was going smoothly and warmly. The main topic of the discussion was regarding the Employee Performance System (SKP) which implicates to remuneration distribution, both for lecturers, administrator employees and structural employees.

In this opportunity, Achmad explained the system and management used by UIN Jakarta in order to conform between employee work performance and the rights that comes with it.

“So far, alhamdulillah the gap for the working performance and the right acquired is not too significant. Even if UIN Jakarta itself still perfecting the formula to get better ahead,” Achmad concluded. (usa)

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