Diorama, UIN News—As many as 30 people of honorary staffs who submitted to be a civil servant, only 30 of honorary staffs who received a letter/SK to followed pre-position. These 30 people includes of lecturers, administrative staffs, waiters, and security staffs. The execution of pre-position are divided in two steps, the first step for 18 people and the second step for 12 people.

The ceremony of letter assignment to followed pre-position period opened by Prof. Dr. Hamid MS, Thursday (10/09), who in his speech said a civil servant is an honor and blessing and should not be used as an escape.

The event was also attended by the Bureau AUK which in his speech said before becoming a civil servant, the performance is quite remarkable but after receiving an assignment letter, the performance was also down. Don’t let that happen, said the Bureau.

Symbolically, a letter of assignment for pre-position was given by Prof. Dr. Hamid, MS, to Nanang Syaiku and Hanafi as his representative. Congratulations to our friends who accepted as a candidate for civil servants. (HMN)

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