Rectorate Building, UIN NEWS Online– Ayang Utriza Yakin PhD, lecturer at the Faculty of Sharia and Law UIN Jakarta, won a scholarship Asian Leadership Fellowship Program (ALFP) 2016 by The Japan Foundation and the International House of Japan. With this scholarship, Managing Editor of the Journal Studia Islamika will be fellow in Tokyo, Japan, during September-October next.

On Thursday (06/16/16), Ayang said to UIN News Online, certainty he escaped selection as recipients received last May. Ayang grateful remember from hundreds of applicants, he was one of eight awardees ALFP 2016.

“Of course I thank God. Given the opportunity to be able to visit and learning new things in the country Sakura” he who claimed recommended Prof Robert W Hefner (Boston University), Prof Mikihiro Moriyama (Nanzan University) and Prof Mason Hoadley (Lund University).

Through the program, Ayang, will be involved in a series of activities, academic and cultural. In addition to lectures and seminars, Ayang would be given the opportunity to learn the history and culture of Japan, visit the museum, examined the manuscript collections, visit the cultural heritage and places of worship Japanese society.

Not only that, Ayang will also discuss the issue of religious fundamentalism and nuclear.

“In fact, as the recipient of the scholarship, I will also be given the opportunity to study the governance of waste, to the moral and sex education in schools and the media,” he added. Known, ALFP launched the International House of Japan in 1996.

The goal is building a network of public intellectual closeness Asia rooted and committed to the development of civil society in accordance cultural background, disciplines, and geopolitics. From Indonesia itself, the receiver can be counted on the fingers ALFP.

Before Ayang, several prominent Indonesian ALFP recipient is Dr. Ignas Kleden MA, Goenawan Mohamad, Ayu Utami, Hamid Basyaib, Faruk, Marco Kusumawijaya, Endo Suanda, Miryam Sarasvati, Maria Hartiningsih, Hary Surjadi, and Prof Dr Jamhari Makruf MA.

Of the total 11 previous recipients, only one person in the university environment Islamic Religious Affairs (PTKIN) who won a scholarship ALFP, namely Prof Dr Jamhari Makruf MA, of UIN Jakarta in 2004. With the election of Ayang, then PTKIN representation at once UIN Jakarta increased to two people. (Translated by Dzikri/Safee)

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