Rectorate, UIN News Online – UIN Jakarta is scheduled to send its three International Relation department students of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP) to study at Western Sydney University (WSU), Australia, from July 6 to November 25, 2017. All three students will attend a number of lectures at WSU through an international student exchange scheme.

Based on the data obtained by UIN News Online from the Center for International Cooperation (PLKI), on Wednesday, (7/5), noted that the three students who got the opportunity to study at WSU Australia are Namira Aziza (5th Semester student), Hayuningtyas Aneswari Pujantoro (5th Semester student), and Nisrina Nuraini Nafisah (5th Semester student). All three managed to gain a one-semester lecture at WSU after successfully passing a series of selection process.

Recently, PLKI Chairman Rachmat Baihaky MA revealed that the international student exchange program is a part of UIN Jakarta’s commitment in fostering academic climate among the students. According to Rachmat, all students must be prepared to enter the wider global community era.

“International student exchange is one of our efforts to so that our students can get to know the academic climate of the world’s best campuses. Furthermore, this scheme can bridge them in pursuing their higher education at the best universities.

The three students who are sent to WSU will take a number of courses that they are interested in. After they complete their current program, their final grades and credit earned in WSU will be converted to UIN Jakarta’s standard.

Based on UIN News Online records, in addition to WSU, UIN Jakarta also sent its students to several universities in the Middle East and South Korea through international student exchange program. (usa)

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