Rectorate, UIN News Online – UIN Jakarta will screens candidate for Deans, Director of SPs, and institutional heads for the period of 2019-2023. Registration is open Monday-Friday 4-8 March 2019. All registration documents are submitted directly to the Secretariat of the Faculty Dean Candidate Election Committee, Director of the Postgraduate School, and Chairperson of Institutions in the Organization, Personnel, and Legislation Section, AUK Bureau, on the 2nd floor of the Building Integrated Administrative Service Center.

There are 10 requirements that must be fulfilled by the registrants. Apart from being a civil servant, Muslim and of good character, a maximum of 60 years old, a doctoral program graduate, the applicant must also have a minimum functional position of the Associate professor for the dean position and head of the institution and professorship for the Director of the Graduate School.

Applicants must also have experience in holding additional positions such as vice rector, head of institution, head of center, vice dean, head of department or other equivalent positions. physically and mentally healthy, as evidenced by the government’s doctor’s information, must also be fulfilled by registrants.

Furthermore, applicants must also be willing to be nominated or run for positions offered and are willing to sign an integrity pact. Participants are also required to submit in writing the vision and mission of leadership and quality improvement programs for faculties or post-graduate schools for the next four years.

The quality improvement program itself includes four aspects. In addition to improving student creativity, achievement and noble character, applicants are also committed to creating a beautiful, religious and scientific campus environment.

The quality improvement programs also include improving the quality of lecturers and staff. Finally, the commitment to implementing program effectiveness, efficiency, transparency and accountability. (usa)

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