Student Affairs Office, UIN News Online – The awarding event for outstanding students, the Student Achievement Award (SAA), UIN Jakarta will be held this year. The awards given covers various categories, such as the arts, sports, social, scientific works, and innovation works.

Sub-division Head of Student Talent and Development R Trisno Riyadhi, to UIN NEWS Online in his office, Wednesday (10/17/2018), said, SAA is an annual event of UIN Jakarta in the form of giving awards to outstanding students in non-academic fields. The awarding is not only for students who excel at national and international levels but also in the form of innovative works and creative works, both individual and group works.

“The purpose of the award is not only as a form of appreciation from UIN Jakarta to students, but also to motivate other students to achieve their respective talents and interests,” he said.

At this year’s SAA event, awards will be divided to least five categories, namely the championship or competition category (arts, sports, scientific research); category of works of innovation and creation (application maker, invention, unique work); active participation categories (speakers and presenters); categories of social and humanitarian action (social activists, volunteers, environmental activists, educators); and the category of memorizers (tahfidz) of the Qur’an (30 juz).

According to Trisno, students who have various non-academic achievements above are welcome to register directly with Student Affairs on weekdays. Requirements include a copy of ID Card / Student Card and include a number of supporting documents, such as certificates and photos of activities. In addition, registrants are also asked and required to fill in the softcopy in student email spreadsheets with the file name “Data SAA all Period II”. All forms of achievement submitted are activities in 2018.

The SAA registration opening will begin on October 9 and will close on October 25, 2018. While the awarding event is planned at Harun Nasution Auditorium in November 2018. For all achievements, UIN Jakarta will provide an appreciation fund of Rp. 375 million. (usa-rs)

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