AUK Meeting Room, UIN News Online -UIN Jakarta will participate in the international education and training exhibition at Jakarta Convention Center (JCC) on Thursday-Sunday (02-/22-25/2018). The exhibition is held regularly to welcome the admission season of new student candidates for academic year 2018/2019.

This was conveyed by sub-division head of Publication and Documentary UIN Jakarta Feni Arifiani MH during the exhibition preparation meeting at Academic Administration Service Center building, Thursday (02/08/2018), stated that UIN Jakarta will follow the exhibition because of strategic and prestige. It is said strategic, because the exhibition of international education is not only followed by various universities in the country but also abroad. While said prestige, UIN Jakarta is one of the universities that already gained an international recognition.

“As an international university, we must remain actively participating, so as not to lose prestige. In addition, enthusiasts will increase every year,” said Feni.

The technical preparation meetings of the exhibition were held to match the vision and perception among the employees who would serve as booth guards. The reason, officers who serve as UIN Jakarta booth assistant are not only from among employees, but also involves some students.

Therefore, the booth assistant must understand about the new student admission system, both organized by the national general selection committee of state universities (PTN) general and state Islamic religious higher education institution (PTKIN).

UIN Jakarta exhibition not only provides information about faculty and study programs, but also scholarships, tuition, dormitory, student activities, campus atmosphere, and selection of new admissions.

In the exhibition later, according to Feni, students can at least help explain and at the same time provide experience during the lecture at UIN Jakarta, including extracurricular activities, to prospective new students.

So far UIN Jakarta itself has prepared various equipment and purposes that will be delivered during the exhibition. Preparation involves building a booth, image or infographic property, multimedia, brochures, and other necessary information.

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