Ciputat, UIN News Online – UIN Jakarta will soon inaugurate two professors, Prof. Dr. Euis Amalia M.Ag and Prof. Dr. Djawahir Hejazzy, SH., MA., MH. The inauguration will take place in the first week of December with the observance of strict health protocols amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Head of PR Officen of UIN Jakarta, Samsuddin on Tuesday (11/10/2020) said that the inauguration was carried out after being postponed due to the Covid 19 pandemic hitting the country. “Insha Allah, the inauguration ceremony will be held on December,” he said.

It is known that Professor Euis is a Professor of Islamic Economics. She is an active Lecturer at the the Sharia Banking Doctoral Program at the Faculty of Economics and Business UIN Jakarta. She teaches several subjects such as the History of Sharia Economic Law, Islamic Law in Banking and Finance, and the History of Islamic Economic Thought.

Apart from being active in teaching, Euis has also writes numerous books and articles on Islamic economics. She pursued her undergraduate to doctoral education at UIN Jakarta after previously studying at the Cipasung Islamic Boarding School, Tasikmalaya.

Like Euis, Djawahir also confirmed as a Professor of Islamic Economics. Djawahir, who was born in 1955, completed his doctoral program at SPs UIN Jakarta and actively teaches in the Sharia Economic Law Department, Faculty of Sharia and Law UIN Jakarta. (usa/zm)

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