Harun Nasution Auditorium, UIN NEWS Online– UIN is determined to transform itself to become a research based university from the current teaching-based university. Professor researching strengthening activities and publishing the results of research in the international media is one of the aims that will be pursued.

Thus welcoming the Rector Prof. Dr. Dede MA Rosyada that’s the Vice Rector for Student Affairs Prof. Dr. Yusron Razak M.Si when appointing graduates at the 99th edition graduation of UIN Jakarta, Sunday (21/02).

“UIN Jakarta aims to transform the university into a research based university rather than a teaching one,” he said.

According to the rector, positioning UIN Jakarta as a research university, in order to strengthen the role of national and Islamic universities as world-class universities.

“We want to be coupled with, the equivalence of world-class universities,” he added.

Repositioning UIN as a research university is necessary, given the dynamics of the global trends and demands, universities have to be more concerned in conducting research. In addition the theory, maintenance hopefully will cultivate graduates with in-depth expertise in their respective fields.

In reaching this position, he continued, UIN Jakarta will try to create a climate of academic research on campus. In addition to research funding allocations of a larger scheme on a local-global scale, the climate of academic research on campus, also created teaching hours which allows lecturers to do research.

For the record, UIN Jakarta for the budgeted year starting in 2016 allocated almost Rp30 billion or 30% Towards the Operational Assistance State University (BOPTN) for various research activities. In addition to regular research managed by (Puslitpen) and PPM, research activities are managed through international research LP2M such international collaborative research and visiting professor.

In terms of teaching hours, UIN Jakarta also ready to consider research-based faculties office hours. With more working hours, the professors hoped to have more time for research, besides teaching and community services.

Earlier, the Rector said, with hours that way, the lecturers are expected to produce research that can be loaded on the national-international accredited journal, and certified product research Intellectual Property Rights (IPR).

“With this schedule, professors are expected to teach only 2 credits. The rest, he observed,” he said.

With the current working hours, Rector continues, professors are often faced with difficulties in conducting research. Besides the teaching load of 14 credits, lecturers are usually busy with structural assignments or other social functions. “As a result, research professors are often in a state of exhaust, so the result might have not been optimal,” he said.

Research activities, is an initial target of UIN Jakarta starting this year, an issuance title target of 300 articles are to be published in the internationally accredited journal. Over the past year, UIN Jakarta managed to record 154 titles of articles published in the journal similar. (Translated by Ihsan/Safee Peters)

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