Rectorate, UIN News Online – UIN Jakarta will immediately acquire the Jakarta Hajj Hospital as a teaching hospital for the faculty of medicine and the faculty of health sciences.

This was revealed from the results of the Focus Group Discussion (FGD) held by UIN Jakarta in the Main Meeting Room of the Rectorate Building, Wednesday (01/29/2020). However, the acquisition process is still in the process of in-depth study considering that the management of the Jakarta Hajj Hospital has not yet improved.

According to the Rector of UIN Jakarta Amany Lubis, the Indonesian Ministry of Religious Affairs has mandated UIN Jakarta to make the Jakarta Hajj Hospital become a UIN Jakarta business unit.

“Although it might not be very profitable, UIN Jakarta really needs Jakarta Hajj Hospital as a teaching hospital for the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Health Sciences,” said Rector.

The Rector also added that UIN Jakarta continued to study the existence of the Jakarta Hajj Hospital. In addition, the hospital is still in the process of management reform.

“If the management of the Jakarta Hajj Hospital has been improved, we will integrate into UIN Jakarta as a teaching hospital,” she said.

Professor of the Faculty of Public Health, University of Indonesia (FKM UI) Wiku Bakti Bawono Adisasmito, who was invited as a guest speaker, said that an education hospital would be economically profitable if managed properly. If it has been acquired by UIN Jakarta as a teaching hospital, it must have a good master plan and management, so that if managed properly it will be profitable.

According to wiku, The financial condition of Jakarta’s Hajj Hospital is actually not healthy. The loan has now reached Rp. 82 billion. To solve the promblem, suggested Wiku, UIN Jakarta must collaborate with third parties with the scheme, for example, through operational cooperation scheme.

Wiku also said that the current operation of the Jakarta Hajj Hospital no longer has the proper function, which is a hospital that serves special patients for pilgrims.

Furthermore, if the Jakarta Hajj Hospital wants to be “profitable”, it must be returned to its original function, which is to serve large numbers of Hajj pilgrims patients and spread throughout the Greater Jakarta area.

“In addition, I also suggest that the Jakarta Haji Hospital brand should not be changed. This is because the Jakarta Haji Hospital brand is already widely known by the public,” he said.

For information, the FDG was attended by Deputy Rectors, Bureau chiefs, leaders of Syarif Hidayatullah Hospital, and a number of faculty Deans. The FGD also listened to the presentation of research results of one of the employees who became doctors at the Jakarta Haji Hospital, Hendro Bakti Wibowo. regarding the condition of “health” in the hospital. Hendro’s research was his thesis while studying at the FKM UI Public Health Masters Program. (usa/ns)

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