Main Auditorium, UIN NEWS Online – Dharma Karya Blok M High School, visited UIN Jakarta. The visitation was in the context of the Campus Introduction Observation, and attended by 143 people. The group, led by Deputy Secretary for Curriculum Affairs, Rudi Irawan SAg were received directly by the Head of Subdivision of Publications and Documentation Samsudin SKom, accompanied by several UIN Jakarta Documentation and Publication staff, at the Harun Nasution Auditorium on Thursday (11/15/2018).

In his presentation, Rudi asserted that the purpose of his students’ visit was to the UIN Jakarta campus, in order to gather together at the same time to introduce students to higher education, study programs, and pathways that could be taken to enter, while providing experience about the environment outside the school.

“Besides silaturrahim, we want students to get a lot of information about universities, especially UIN Jakarta. Morover, we also want to know information about the entrance and lecture system at UIN Jakarta, “he said.

Still according to Rudi, it was the first time he visited the UIN Jakarta campus. Therefore, he hopes that the visit will not be the first, but will establish a relationship between the two institutions.

“We are very grateful to the UIN Jakarta party for accepting the arrival of the group. Hopefully, this visit will benefit us and we can return to visit this campus, “he said.

Meanwhile, Samsudin in his speech appreciated and expressed his gratitude for the visit. He asserted that visiting UIN Jakarta in order to know and absorb reliable information was the right decision. Because, so far there may still be many in some places that do not know about UIN Jakarta more closely.

“Welcome to the campus that always upholds peace, hopefully with this activity, the students can get the information they need,” Samsudin said.

In the same place, Zaenal Muttaqin ME, whose also the speaker for the ocassion, in his presentation said that in order to be accepted as UIN Jakarta students, prospective students were first selected through several entrance examination pathways, including SNMPTN, SBMPTN, SPAN PTKIN, PTKIN UM, and the Mandiri Exam. All routes are open to all high school / vocational / MA / Islamic boarding school graduates, both public and private.

“At present, UIN Jakarta does not only have religious study programs, but also general study programs. However, characteristic of UIN Jakarta is being an Islamic professional,” Zaenal said.

From the observation of UIN NEWS Online, both students and the board of teachers, were so enthusiastic in listening to the presentation delivered by the Publication and Documentation Staff. There are many questions related to admission system and scholarship opportunities at UIN Jakarta. (usa)

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