Main Meeting Room, UIN News online – UIN Jakarta welcomes a visit from the Strategic Management System (SMS) socialization team, Directorate of Islamic Higher Education (Diktis), Directorate General of Islamic Education, Ministry of Religious Affairs Indonesia, Monday (02/11/2019) at the main meeting room, campus I of UIN Jakarta.

The team, led by Drs. Abdul Hamid Cheba MBA dan Wilda Farah MSI, was welcomed by the Rector of UIN Jakarta Amany Lubis, accompanied Vice Rector for Academic Affairs Zulkifli, Vice Rector for General Administration Ahmad Rodoni, Vice Rector for Student Affairs Masri Mansoer and Vice Rector of Cooperation Andi M Faisal Bakti. Also present in the event, AAKK Bureau Chief Khoirudin, AUK Bureau Chief Rudi Subiyantoro, and PK Bureau Chief Khairunas.

Hamid in his presentation explained that the implementation of SMS in PTKIN such as UIN Jakarta. According to hamid, the SMS aims to improve institutional performance in realizing the vision and strategic plan of UIN Jakarta become a globally recognized university. “the presence of SMS will encourage UIN Jakarta to compete with other national universities,” he said.

The implementation of SMS, he added, is in line with the Law of Republic Indonesia, number 12 of 2012 on higher education. National universities are directed to continue to grow from a regular work unit, public service agency work units, PTN BH work units, to the phase of a globally recognized university. “This is also in line with the milestone of PTKI, which is to become the center of Islamic world higher education,” he concluded. (usa)

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