Rectorate, UIN News Online – UIN Jakarta and Universitas Islam Indonesia (UII) will soon realize a research partnership. In addition to science and technology, research activities of both universities will target the humanities.

Director of LP2M UIN Jakarta Dr Ali Munhanif to NEWS UIN Online, Friday (03/02/2018), explains, the realization of partnership has become the commitment for both universities. “We have also presented to Rector about the research themes that will be proposed in cooperation,” he said.

Ali added that most of the proposed research themes are research in fields of science and technology. In addition to scientific development goals, science and technology research themes are encouraged to produce ready to use and copyright-based products.

However, he added, several themes of humanities research are also quite interesting to be collaborated with, like the most Islamic city index research proposals. “The theme will measure where is the most Islamic cities in Indonesia based on variables that can be accounted for,” he explained.

Ali added that the acceleration of the realization of this research partnership is a follow-up agreement between the two institutions to cooperate in conducting research partnership. The leaders of both universities are already signed a memorandum of cooperation in Mohammad Hatta Building, UII Integrated Campus, Yogyakarta, Wednesday (10/04/2017). The signing was done by the Rector of UIN Jakarta Prof. Dr. Dede Rosyada MA and UII Rector Nandang Sutrisno, SH., M.Hum., LLM., Ph.D.

At that time, Rector of UIN Jakarta revealed that the memorandum of understanding with UII is part of UIN Jakarta’s effort to develop its research activities. Research development is especially needed in scientific fields such as medicine, science and technology, chemistry and exact sciences, biology and the natural sciences, and economics.

As a State Islamic Religious College, he continued, the strength of UIN Jakarta is in the field of humanities sciences. But as transformation and encouragement of integration of Islam and science since 2000, UIN Jakarta is required to strengthen the field of science and technology.

“On the human resource side, UIN Jakarta is leading. But on the science side, we have not got any branding yet. For that, we considered the need to cooperate, one of them is with UII,” said Rector.

Commitment to develop science research itself, continued rector, has been taken UIN Jakarta by enlarging the allocation of research grants up to Rp 30 billion per year. It’s just to strengthen the research capacity and optimize the results; UIN Jakarta is considered necessary to establish research cooperation with the best universities, both national or International.

Meanwhile, Rector of UII Nandang Sutrisno welcomes the desire of UIN Jakarta in realizing the research cooperation. He hopes this cooperation can complement the field of science of each university. “I hope that this cooperation can be beneficial to both institutions,” he hoped. (usa)

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