Thailand, UIN News Online – UIN Jakarta participates in Thailand international high school exhibition entitled The 21st Prince Sonkhla University Higher Education Fair at Prince Sonkhla University International Convention Center, Hat Yai, Southern Thailand, Wednesday-Saturday (16-19 / 8 / 2017). The exhibition booth was visisted by a lot of students of Southern Thailand who are interested to continue their study at UIN Jakarta.

This was conveyed by Sub-division head of Publication and Documentation of UIN Jakarta, Feni Arifiani MH, to UIN NEWS Online in Jakarta, Monday (21/8/2017) after his arrival from being UIN Jakrata representative in the exhibition. According to him, many students from South Thailand who came to the booth and asked about the study in UIN Jakarta.

“Compared to universities in other Southeast Asian countries, they prefer to study in Indonesia. In addition, perhaps for reasons of a Malay and Muslim clan, they also asked many questions about lecture system at UIN Jakarta,”he explained.

In addition to lecture system, faculties and study programs, campus environment, the students also ask a lot about scholarship opportunities should  they continue their study at UIN Jakarta. “the interest is quite high,” he said.

Data Consulate of RI in Songkhla said, the number of students of Southern Thailand who are interested in continuing higher education to Indonesia is high and continues to increase every year. Thailand Southern Border Province Administration Officer Center survey noted that one in three South Thai students want to study in Indonesia.

According to the Head of Representative of the Republic of Indonesia in Songkhla Triyogo Jatmiko, from 5,510 students from various high schools in Malay-speaking province, there are about 2,050 students continuing their education to Indonesia. In addition to the similarities of Islamic identity, the factors of Malay similarity are assumed to be the reason for their interest.

“And, at least there are currently 2500 Thai families of Indonesian school alumni who are oriented to send their children to Indonesia,” Triyogo said.

Triyogo himself expressed his appreciation for the participation of UIN Jakarta in the event. According to him, this event is very important in introducing a relatively tolerant Indonesian Islamic education services.

Meanwhile, Head of International Cooperation Service Center of UIN Jakarta, Rachmat Baihaky MA said that Thailand is a country of origin of students who choose to study at UIN Jakarta in addition to Malaysia, Singapore and Philippines. “The number is relatively growing from year to year,” he explained. (usa)

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