Main Meeting Room, UIN NEWS Online – In order to provide information services to public, UIN Jakarta continues to strengthen its institutions through media publications in network (online). Information services were not only about academic activities but also non-academic.

Auk Bureau Chief of UIN Jakarta Dr. Rudi Subiyantoro in his opening remarks on a Office Meeting (RDK) Website Content for website management staffs in Main Meeting Room on Wednesday (27/9/2017). He said that media publications such as website for any institution as an effective means of information distribution. In that case, website management must be handled professionally and qualified.

“I hope the managements of the media publications, especially website managements, able to present their content with interesting information so as to satisfy stakeholders,” he said.

The unprofessional management of any publications media undoubtedly gets less trusted by the public. To avoid that situation, UIN Jakarta as a large campus with international standard, any information contents in the form of activities which are static or dynamic should be managed regularly and continuously, including in the use of the language.

“UIN Jakarta Website as the main information source which has broadened its range gradually will continue to be fixed. Not only those who using language of Indonesian but also Arabic and English, “said former Head of Bureau of Center for Information and Public Relations (Pinmas) Ministry of Religious Affairs.

Meanwhile, Vice Rector for Cooperation Affairs Prof. Dr. Murodi as the speaker said that UIN Jakarta is committed to build and strengthen the institutional image of the campus which is one of them by improving the quality of website content. Therefore, both university and faculty websites, will continue to be encouraged as alternative media by improving the quality and skill of its managements.

“We need to maximize the performance and professionalism of the management staff by, for instance, participating in writing training. Because information content without accompanied by writing skills the information content become less interesting, “he said.

Writing skill planned, Murodi explained, that every management should at least be journalist like in other media. It can only be reached by joining themselves in training or following writing trainings in other institutions.

RDK Website Content was followed by at least 20 website content managements. They were come from various work units around UIN Jakarta. Also present at the meeting Head of Sub Division of Publication and Documentation Feni Arifiani, MH. (usa-im)

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