LPM, UIN News Online – UIN Jakarta plans to apply Online Internal Quality Assurance System (SPMI). This was conveyed by the chairman of LPM UIN Jakarta, Dr. Sururin, during the opening of LPM Weekly Evaluation Meeting on campus I UIN Jakarta, Wednesday, (07/12).

The implementation of SPMI is an obligation for all Universities. SPMI SPMI is the process of how the universities regulate the university’s tridharma process in order to meet the established Higher Education National (SN Dikti) Standard.

SN Dikti itself has been established by the government through the Regulation of Minister of Research and Technology and Higher Education number 44, year 2015. The regulation mentioned limits and minimum size that must be owned by universities in implementing the education, research and community outreach. To evaluate the application of SN Dikti, the government then conducted SPME (External Quality Assurance), by appointing BAN-PT and LAM to run the accreditation process in all study programs and higher education institutions.

SPMI UIN Jakarta itself, according to Drs. Sururin, is still being developed and socialized. It requires both time and maximum planning to implement it in UIN Jakarta. This should be done in order for the SPMI cycle consisting of the Decision of SN Dikti, the Implementation of SN Dikti, Evaluation of the implementation of SN Dikti, Controlling the implementation of SN Dikti, and the Improvement of the SN Dikti can be done continuously.

In order to achieve it all, then the implementation of online-based SPMI will become a necessity. With SPMI online there are several benefits to be gained; first, the entire academic community of UIN Jakarta can easily know the Standards that have been set. Second, UIN Jakarta academic community can enter important data to fulfill SN Dikti and the third, civitas academica of UIN Jakarta can monitor the fulfillment of SN Dikti.

On the other hand, there are several important factors that must be met first. Among these are the number of IT Staff to be added, the understanding of IT staff about SPMI, the awareness of civitas academica of UIN Jakarta to upload the data continuously, and continuous system maintenance.

But it will not be an obstacle if the entire civitas academica of UIN Jakarta realize that quality is not a destination, but a journey. In other words, the awareness of the entire civitas UIN Jakarta about the importance of quality of the university is the main priority that must be carried out. (usa)

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