Centre for National Information and Technology Building, UIN NEWS Online— UIN Jakarta has become the first Public Islamic Religious University to be certified by ASEAN University Network-Quallity Assurance (AUN-QA). This certification is expected to be the initial entrance of regional-global recognition of the UIN Jakarta and Islamic religious universities nationwide.

This was conveyed by the Rector Prof. Dr. Dede Rosyada MA in between the briefing Dissemination of Information Technology Applications for DPK Lecturer in Centre for National Information and Technology Building UIN Jakarta, Wednesday (26/04). According to him, the AUN-QA certification in the country is more likely conducted by public universities.

Until now, there are only University of Indonesia, Gadjah Mada University, Bogor Agricultural University, Bandung Institute of Technology, University of Airlangga, Universitas Brawijaya that are assessed by the AUN-QA. Later on, UIN Jakarta is the only public Islamic religious university, “said the rector.

AUN-QA did the certification for four study programs in UIN Jakarta, the four study programs are Islamic Guidance and Community Counseling Program, Islamic History and Culture Program, Islamic Education Program, and Dirasat Islamiyah Program. In the initial conclusion AUN-QA concluded UIN Jakarta potential to become world-class Islamic university.

According to the rector, the AUN-QA certification is a pride for university in achieving regional-global recognition. To be certified, university should at least classify its institutional accreditation as an A and 40% of study programs accredited A. “These requirements are not easily met by university. Let alone AUN-QA, to achieve a B in study program accreditation is difficult, “he said.

Rector recalled, before certified by AUN-QAassessor team in early April, UIN Jakarta tried hard to convince the AUN-QA in Thailand for visitation. In several meetings with the AUN-QA team, for example, UIN Jakarta, were asked a lot about the academic profile and other so they would come to UIN Jakarta. “It takes time and hard work to convince them to come here,” he said.

With AUN-QA, rector hope, UIN Jakarta can continue to improve the service quality of academic and non-academic. Others, accreditation is expected to make the scholar and alumni of UIN Jakarta could be more acceptable in Southeast Asia regional market. The increase in academic quality up to par with regional-global university like the AUN-QA accreditation has becomes a commitment of UIN Jakarta. (HMN)

Translated by: Ihsan/Rany Setyasari

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