FKIK, BERITA UIN Online– On Thursday, April 26th, CSSMoRa UIN Jakarta did a socialization about computer based test (CBT). This event aims to promote and support PBSB (Scholarship for Santri) screening processes in 2016. The agenda has a topic “Dukungan Sosialisasi Pelaksanaan Seleksi Peserta PBSB 2016 Melalui CBT” and was held in Auditorium of FKIK UIN Jakarta.

Vice rector, Prof Dr Yusron Rozak, MA, officially open the agenda. Prof Dr Arif Sumantri MKes, as a dean of faculty of medicine and health sciences, the delegations from IT Kemenag, Kanwil and management of PBSB also attend the opening ceremony. CBT and PBSB Kemenag were appreciated by vice rector, “the promotion about CBT will support PBSB programme especially in UIN Jakarta which has a vision to integrate both sciences and religion, this programme also accelerate UIN Jakarta’s vision”, said Yusron

Yusron added, through PBSB programme and this promoting event, he hopes that the vision about integrity could become reality. “Santri, who had has islamic background then studying medicine in UIN Jakarta, is expected to gain strong integrity between science and religion”, said Yusron.

At the same place, dean of faculty of medicine and health sciences, Prof. Dr. Arif Sumantri M.Kes emphasizes the importance of PBSB programme. “FKIK UIN Jakarta has always put the top Santri as our main priority. So, it is not surprise that one day our dream about integrity could happen,” said Arif.

PBSB is a programme conducted by Kemenag for the top santri in 33 provinces all over Indonesia. Therefore, the delegations from all Kanwil was attending that agenda. Dr. Agus Fathullah as a head of division for islamic boarding school, ministry of religious affairs has explained about PBSB stages. Agus said that CBT will make the test easier for the operators and the participants. “By using CBT, the distribution of the questions would not take a lot of time and energy. Although, this is the first time using CBT, the socialization can help preventing the mistakes,” said Agus. (Translated by Ihsan/Yaqin)

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