Lampung, UIN NEWS Online – Some UIN Jakarta students consisting of representatives of DEMA, SEMA and head of Student Activity Unit (UKM) participated in Student Leadership Camp activities. The relationship that aims to provide debriefing leadership to the participants, held at Kwarda Lampung, Thursday-Sunday (22-25 / 03).

The event was opened by the Vice Rector for Student Affairs Prof. Dr. Yusran Razak MA, attended also by the head of AAKK Bureau Drs H Zaenal Arifin MPd, Head of Student Affairs Ummu Baroat MM, and Head of Student Talent Sub Division R.Trisno Muhamad Riyadi MKom.

In his speech, Yusran appreciates and supports the running of the event, he hopes to the participants to seriously follow the course of the event and later able to apply the positive things gained after returning to campus.

“Please follow this event carefully and carefully, absorb as much as possible useful knowledge from this training. Where, later can be applied when it has returned to the campus beloved, “Yusran appealed.

From the observation of NEWS UIN Online in the field, Trainer Scout of Asia Pacific Dr. H Joko Mursito MSi, and several others present as the speaker. In the event, participants received some materials, including Irmawati Development Policy, Decision Making Technique and Organizational Conflict Control, Leadership Management: Theory and Implementation, Change Management, and Rhetoric Technique.

In addition to the above materials, participants will also follow Outbound activities at Tegal beach, Pesawaran District and in Samar Secot Camp Raja Basa forest.

In the same place, one of the speakers, Joko Mursito said, that great leaders are leaders who can understand the problem and seek solutions wisely, in accordance with common goals and interests. (usa)

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