FAH, UIN News Online – UIN Jakarta students are encouraged to be philanthropic agents for the environment by optimizing their talents, innovation and creativity. Their participation in the philanthropic movement has become an important way to transform the original environmental community into a better one.

That was the conclusion of the activities of the Philanthropy Learning Forum Goes to Campus entitled Milennial Philanthropy: Sharing in Collaboration in the Theater Room of the FAH UIN Building, Jakarta, Wednesday (10/24/2018). The event was organized by the Indonesian Philanthropy Institute in collaboration with STF UIN Jakarta.

The event, which was held ahead of the 2018 Volunteer Day event on Wednesday, December 5, presented a number of speakers. Among them is the Director of STF UIN Jakarta Dr. Amelia Fauzia, Chair of the Indonesian Philanthropy Partnership and Organization Division Sita Sutomo, and the LAZISMU Board of Directors Rizaluddin Kurniawan.

Sita said, the public expects UIN Jakarta students to be the leading students in initiating philanthropic programs to encourage better life. This can target targets such as citizens of the poor, women, and communities affected by disasters.

According to her, academic demands as well as sharing awareness can be carried out simultaneously since still holding student status. “Optimize as well as possible, so that life becomes more valuable by initiating a movement to share caring for others,” she said.

Rizaluddin added, LAZISMU is one of the country’s philanthropic organizations that is open enough for UIN Jakarta students to become philanthropic volunteers. This opportunity is more open considering LAZISMU also continues to expand its social action to various affected areas and communities in disadvantaged and outer areas.

 “For the Lombok earthquake, so far we have involved 500 students. The Palu Earthquake involved no less than 300 students. LAZISMU is still open to friends who want to become caring volunteers, “he explained.

While Amelia said, being a philanthropic agent does not have to be understood by donating rupiah. According to him, being an agent of this student can also be done by optimizing critical attitudes, creativity, innovation, and mastering the technology they have.

“When our generation, philanthropy is understood to be money donations. But millennials like students can now practice it with only social capital supported by innovation, creativity, and mastery of the technology they possess, ” she explained.

Like LAZISMU, continued Amelia, UIN Jakarta also has the STF UIN Jakarta philanthropic institution which opens a great opportunity for students to be active in the philanthropic movement. Established since 2010, this institution runs philanthropy to ease the burden while empowering underprivileged people through micro insurance programs to excel student scholarships. (usa)

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