Malaysia, UIN News Online – Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia in Tawau, Sabah, Malaysia Sulistijo Djati Ismoyo, accompanied by Information, Social, and Cultural Affairs Consul Firma Agustina officially welcomed 12 students from UIN Jakarta, which consists of various faculties, among them are Ahsanti Bazlina, Hafizh Pragitya, Lalu Satria Gunawan, Nurin Amanillah, Deni Rahmad Akbar, and Rabiatu al-Addawiyyah (FAH). From the Faculty of Social and Political Scienses (FISIP), Fahmi Fauzi Abdillah, M. Rifqi Ibnu Masy, dan Hilwa Nadiya.  Rafif Litsa Hanifah (FDI), Moch. Andi Apriyanto (FSH), and Nuraini from the Faculty of Da’wa and Communication Sciences (FIDK) on Tuesday, (07/24/2018) at KRI Tawau.

Sulistijo as Indonesian government representative in Tawau in his remarks briefs all KKN participants regarding the condition of CLC (Community Learning Center) in Tawau. “The establishment of CLC aims to provide access and basic education services for the children of Indonesian migrant workers, I hope the presence of KKN participants from UIN Jakarta can motivate them to achieve the highest possible education,” said Sulistijo.

He also explained the geographical, social and cultural conditions of the Tawau people, including Indonesians living and working in the city. “There are many citizens who do not have a document, it often creates problems in immigration,” he said.

In response, KKN group lecturer Ahsanti Bazlina said that KKN program will prioritize the community empowerment. “We expect this program can produce qualified human resources, especially for the children of Indonesian migrant workers. Hopefully, the presence of UIN Jakarta KKN participants can leave a good and deep impression on CLC where they are assigned,” she said. (usa)

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