Kota Kinabalu, UIN News Online – Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia in Kota Kinabalu, officially received nine students from UIN Jakarta, which consists of various faculties, among them are Nana Supena (FSH), Yuli Noviyarni (FSH), Maulidiah Maskat (FSH), Dewi Fatimah (FSH), Diah Ayu (FSH), Dara Fitrialyta (FSH), Faiz Badridduja (FDI), M. Hasbi Hilmi (FST), Ulul Udin Albab (FAH). Their arrival in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia is aimed to carry out Community Outreach (KKN) program, Friday, (7/28).

Present in the official welcoming ceremony conducted at the Consulate General Office of Kota Kinabalu, KKN Group lecturer Eva Nugraha, S.Th.I, Consul General of kinabalu city Akhmad Irfan, social officials Consulate General Cahyono Rustam, head of Indonesian school kinabalu city Istiqlal, and all KKN Mandiri participants.

On the same occasion, Akhmad Irfan as a representative of the Indonesian government in Kinabalu city gave direction to all KKN participants regarding the condition of Indonesian citizens in Kinabalu city, especially related to the condition of the students of Sekolah Indonesia Kota Kinabalu (SIKK), PKBM or CLC (Community Learning Center) spread all over Kota Kinabalu. Such information is needed to synchronize KKN programs and SIKK program to adjust to the vision and mission of the Consulate (KJRI).

“The establishment of CLC aims to provide access and basic education services for the children of migrant workers, I hope the presence of KKN participants from UIN Jakarta can motivate them to achieve the highest possible education,” said Akhmad.

In response, KKN Group lecturer Eva Nugraha, S.Th.I said that KKN program will prioritize the community empowerment. “The program of KKN UIN Jakarta is basically prioritizing the community empowerment. We expect this program can produce qualified human resources, especially for the children of Indonesian migrant workers. Hopefully, the attendance of UIN Jakarta KKN participants can leave a good and deep impression on CLC where they are assigned” he said. (usa)

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