FEB, UIN News Online – UIN Jakarta students are encouraged to be actively involved in the social entrepreneurship sector. This sector is growing in line with technological. Apart from making a profit, this sector will also generate a positive return to society.

This was conveyed by the Head of IAEI Social Entrepreneurship Development & Community Empowerment Muhammad Fajrin Rasyid in the 7th Islamic Banking Days Webinar, hosted by HMPS Syariah Banking, FEB UIN Jakarta, Monday (11/08/2021). “The trend has been like that for the last few years. This can be an option for students who will graduate or those who have graduated in this field,” he said.

Fajrin said, this sector has a number of important advantages. Among them, this sector occupies a position between traditional charity which relies on donations and traditional business which is more business-oriented. On the other hand, the social entrepreneurship sector allows people who are involved as entrepreneurs to get higher positive benefits.

He also said that digital social entrepreneurship enables sustainable growth. “Social entrepreneurship is not only based on donations, but it also continues to grow in various forms that grow revenue as well as the social development involved in it,” said Fajrin.

Furthermore, Fajrin added, social entrepreneurship also plays a major role in increasing the national Islamic finance market share. As a Muslim-majority country, Indonesia should be at the forefront of business and market share for the Islamic economy.

Another aspect that students need to consider when engaging in this sector is the use of digital technology. Technology allows activities in this sector to take place efficiently and in accordance with the development of society. (usa/zm)

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