FAH Theater, UIN News Online – Student Senate UIN Jakarta holds Musyawarah Perwakilan Mahasiswa Universitas (MPMU) with the theme Mahasiswa dan Dinamika Demokrasi Indonesia, Wednesday, (10/18/2017), at Abdul Ghani Theater, Faculty of Literature and Humanities, Campus III of UIN Jakarta.

Present in the event, Deputy Dean for Student Affairs FAH UIN Jakarta Dr Zubair Ahmad MA, Chairman of SEMA UIN Jakarta Khaidir Musa, member of Bawaslu RI Mochammad Afifudin SThI MSi, member of commission IV of DPR RI Dr H Rahmat Nasution Hamka SH MS and, Perludem researcher Fadli Ramadhan, member of commission VI of DPR RI Eka Sastra SE Msi, and all UIN Jakarta student organizations.

Chairman of Sema UIN Jakarta Musa said that this activity said that this activity aims to improve the role of students in the era of democracy in order to realize good and clean governance through check and balance mechanism.

In his remarks, Zubair Zubair revealed that this activity becomes a place for all of us to pour ideas and ideas to realize UIN Jakarta student organizations in become more ideal and democratic.

“Therefore, student representatives are required to be more sensitive in listening the other students’ complaints and actively involved in putting their thoughts into preparing a policy that will be applied and implemented in student environment,” said Zubair.

At the same place, Afifuddin asserted that the student legislative required to be able to make innovative breakthroughs in terms of policy so that the legislative function can run more optimally.

“Additionally, the student legislative also required to actively oversee the implementation and evaluation of such practices.

In the same event, Rahmat said that students become one of the important components in the development of Indonesian nation.

“Students become an important component in educating the nation in understanding the meaning of democracy, so that they can understand that democracy in Indonesia must be well cared for,” he explained. (usa)

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