3Toronto, UIN News Online Two delegates from UIN Jakarta, Head of Center for Research and Community Outreach (LP2M), Dr M Arskal Salim GP MA and the Head of Center for International Cooperation (PLKI) Rachmat Baihaky MA, socialized international academic programs of UIN Jakarta in some universities and institutions in Canada for four days, from Monday-Thursday (21-24/03/2016).

On the first day, Monday (21/03/2016), the socialization was delivered at the University of Toronto (UoT) Canada in front of the Director of International Strategy and Partnership, Vinitha Gengatharan and Vice Chancellor of Graduate Education and Review Program, Prof Dr Joshua Barker.

In this occasion, Arskal conveyed great plans of international academic programs annually offered by UIN Jakarta for local and international academics.

“The programs that we arrange include Visiting Professor particularly in the field of Islamic Studies, Politics, and International Relations and Visiting Lecturer for teaching Bahasa Indonesia,” said Arskal.

In fact, due to the urgent registration time, Arskal convincing the academics from UoT Canada to participate in this international academic program. According to him, this collaboration is indeed a concrete efforts in realizing inter-university cooperation.

“Through these academic programs, it will be able to open a lot of opportunities for cooperation between universities in the future,” he hoped.

Meanwhile, Vinitha Gengatharan admitted that there is still little number of Indonesian students studying in UoT. According to her, it is much needed cooperation between Indonesia and Canada.

“UoT is currently working with Foreign Governments and Private Sector in the provision of scholarships to study in UoT,” said Vinitha.

In line with Vinitha, Joshua Barker said UoT currently have limited human resources (teachers / researchers) in conducting studies in Asia, especially Indonesia. However, some research of graduate students today, many of them are interested in doing studies of politics and economics in Indonesia.

Both Vinitha and Professor Joshua, who were met at the UoT foreign reception room, were very interested in joining UIN Jakarta programs opened this year.

On the same occasion, Baihaky explained several scholarship schemes offered by UIN Jakarta, (Rector Scholarship) and the Ministry of Religious Affairs of Republic of Indonesia (Scholarship of Legal and Foreign Cooperation / HKLN).

“Both of these scholarships are specifically intended for foreign students, especially in graduate/master programs with different schemes,” explained Baihaky.

Nonetheless, Baihaky admitted that both of the scholarship scheme are currently used widely by students of the undergraduate degree (S1), while the graduate program of scholarship applicants is still small.

Baihaky explained, for Rector Scholarship, UIN Jakarta only cover tuition fees, Bahasa Indonesia course and fees for dormitory. While the Bureau of Partnerships Abroad (HKLN) covers all the needs of foreign students until they graduate.

“These scholarships cover the tuition fees, Bahasa Indonesia course, fees for dormitory, return ticket, fees for visa residency, living cost, insurance, and the cost of the tests,” said Baihaky.

After the meeting at UoT, in a series of the visit agenda, the delegation of UIN Jakarta will also hold meetings with several parties, namely the Chairman of the Canadian Centre for Deen Studies once held a Public Lecture on Wednesday (23/03/2016). On the same day, it was also scheduled to meet with the Director of Islamic Studies of Waterloo University, Dean of Social Studies, and Head of Social Worker Study Program.

The last agenda on Friday (25/03/2016), UIN Jakarta delegations are also scheduled to meet with representatives from McMaster University and Sheridan University, respectively to discuss cooperation in science technology and nursing.

In this series of working visit, the delegation of UIN Jakarta was accompanied by Fuad Fanani, UIN Jakarta Lecturer, and participant of S3 Program in Political Science University of Toronto and Intiar Dekrit Bakhtiar from the Consulate General Toronto. (mf/ay)

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