Lamongan, UIN NEWS Online – The Socialization Team of UIN Jakarta conducted socialization of UIN Jakarta information to various schools and pesantren in Lamongan District, East Java. The socialization event which took place Monday-Thursday (6-9 / 7/2017) aims to attract potential students to choose UIN Jakarta as their destination of study.

Head of Publication and Documentation Division who is also the Socialization Team Leader, Feni Arifiani MH, said that the socialization was conducted by targeting students and students to the best schools, madrassas and pesantrens in Lamongan. “There are 12 schools, madrassas, and pesantrens we are targeting,” he said.

MAN Babat, for example, is a madrassa who won the Agricultural Engineering Event (AEE) 2017 championship and the Scientific Writing Competition champion in the Great Scientific Week of Geography in across Java Bali. Pondok Pesantren al-Ishlah is one of the largest modern pesantren in Lamongan with thousands of alumni who has records of both national and local achievements.

The 12 high educational institutions targeted by the team themselves include MAN 1 Lamongan, MAN Babat, SMAN 1 Lamongan, SMAN 2 Lamongan, SMAN 3 Lamongan, SMAN Babat, SMA Muhammadiyah 6 Lamongan, MA Karang Asem, Pondok Pesantren Tarbiyah ath-Tholabah Paciran, MA Mazro’atul Ulum, Pesantren Modern Muhammadiyah Paciran, and Pondok Pesantren al-Ishlah Paciran.

In addition to information on faculty and courses, lectures, and the environment, the team also socializes admission procedures, scholarship facilities, and a single tuition. “With such information, we expect schools and students to prepare students for further study if they want to continue their study to UIN Jakarta,” he added.

The arrival of the socialization team itself was warmly welcomed by students and students. Various questions are being asked by students and students starting from faculty and study program, accreditation, tuition, and scholarship. In various pesantrens, many santri ask for scholarships for hafizh-hafizhoh (memorizing al-Quran).

In MAN 1 Lamongan, Nurul Fitriani, 12th grade IPS student who admitted her interest in continuing her study in accounting department, asked about accreditation and quota of Accounting Prodi Faculty of Economics and Business UIN Jakarta. “I want accounting major which department have been accredited A” she reasoned.

At SMAN 2 Lamongan, Achmad Afif, a student of class XII IPA asked about lectures at the Faculty of Science and Technology. Achmad who admitted to study Biology claimed to have been weighing a number of destination colleges.

“Once told about the accreditation of Biology study program and learning system, I will enter UIN Jakarta in the list of my study options,” he said.

Hoping For a Cooperation

Besides being warmly welcomed by students and santris, the principal of the targeted school also conveyed the hope of his institution to establish cooperation with UIN Jakarta. Especially cooperation of the provision of scholarships for outstanding students.

Head of MAN Babat Drs. H. Abd. Judge, M. Pd, for example, hopes UIN Jakarta can give special quota of acceptance of their high-achieving students. “The purpose is that our students can also study at the best university in Jakarta,” he said.

Similar hope was expressed by Head of SMA 6 Muhammadiyah Lamongan Nyamirun M.Pd. In particular, he conveyed his hope that UIN Jakarta could provide acceptance quota for students reciting al-Quran students to be accepted at UIN Jakarta.

“We have students with rote up to 30 juz with potential academic achievement. It is our hope that UIN Jakarta can accept them,” he hoped. (usa-rs)

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