Rectorate Building, UIN NEWS Online– In order to socialize the program U-Learning at universities in Jakarta, the Korean Company North Star Developer Villages (NS Devil) makes UIN Jakarta as a pilot program U-Learning in Jakarta.

It is as stated by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mr Eonjoo Lee when donating 40 units of tablets for UIN Jakarta Courtroom 2nd floor of Main Building Rector on Thursday (06/09/16).

“This new program we apply in the area of ​​West Java, has not entered into Jakarta, so we wanted UIN Jakarta to become a pilot for public colleges and religion in the Jakarta area,” he said.

About Ubiquitous Learning or U-Learning, Eonjoo explains the truth almost similar to the E-Learning, which is already widely known. E-learning, he added, is applied using the Internet and using computer equipment (both desktop and laptop).

While the implementation of U-Learning allows users access to a variety of devices such as Tab, I-pad, smartphone, even though Xbox. He explained the benefits of U-learning can be used in UBT (Ubiquitous-Based Test).

UBT is a testing method that can improve the way of a regulars test. It gives progress tests, records management, and informs the outcome, with using a device that was bringing bring as iphone, ipad and smart devices sophisticated others. Allows tests done anywhere. UBT also offers reduced testing costs, ease of scoring and test management.

In addition, U-Learning can also be used to uLMS (u-Learning Management Systems). U-Learning platform for uLMS create an effective learning environment, and economic cost for the class and for educational sites.

uLMS on classes allow students to re-access courses taught (both video presentation and teaching) in areas already allocated. On the site of education, uLMS can help lecturers to give materials and arrange for such material can only be accessed on the hour courses concerned.

In response, the Rector of UIN Jakarta Prof Dr Dede Rosyada MA in his speech thanked the participating NS Devil develop strategies for learning in education.

“This program is very effective for modern campus-based paperless, paper requires a large library” said Dede.

The program according to Dede will be appreciated the world over with technology that is supported Korea because learning can be done anytime and anywhere. Thus, the implementation of this program need to be tested first.

“We see growth in the Faculty of Science and Technology (FST). If effective, we will apply in other faculties” said Dede.

Known, the education system is based UBT U-Learning with this Android app was first introduced to Korea and has begun to crawl Malaysia, South Africa, Russia, Japan, Vietnam, the Philippines, Neval, USA, and Indonesia. Also present at the submission of the grant Warek IV Cooperation, Prof Dr Murodi MA, Dean of FST Dr Agus Salim MA, Head of Drs Raden Pusbangsitek Sarwoto, and other officials. (Translated by Dzikri/Safee)

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