Rectorate, UIN News Online — In order to manage the parking space in the new building of the Faculty of Literature and Humanities (FAH) UIN Jakarta, Rector of UIN Jakarta Prof Dr Dede Rosyada MA signed a parking management agreement with the President Director of PT Sumber Anugerah Sejahtera (SAS) Ir Basuki, Monday (7/24) at rectorate building, campus I of UIN Jakarta.

Accompanying the Rector, Vice Rector for Cooperation Prof Dr Murodi MA, Public Administration and Civil Service Bureau chief Dr. H. Rudi Subiyantoro, M.Pd, and Head of Cooperation and Institution Division Ir Zulkifli I Noor MSi.

In his remarks, Rudi said that there are three companies that submitted proposals in order to to manage FAH parking area. “After we conducted strict administrative verification, it turns out that PT SAS is the only company that meets the requirements in accordance with applicable rules,” said Rudi.

Meanwhile, Rector expects PT SAS to integrate its system with another parking management company in campus I and Campus II, so the civitas academica of UIN Jakarta does not need to make repeated payments.

“Simply by using one card, civitas academica can enter Campus I Building to Campus III. One payment, multiple entries,” said Dede.

For the front gate, he continued, we will make two entrances, one in the south (KOPERTAIS Building) and one in the north (FAH Building).

“In near future, the Kopertais building will be used as BPJS UIN Hospital to facilitate UIN Jakarta employees so that they can maximally utilize their BPJS facilities,” he added.

He emphasized that the existence of this official parking management aims to regulate and legalize transactions on state land in accordance with the applicable rules and not for the benefit of the rector.

“The Rector does not receive any profit, the goal is only to eliminate illegal transactions in state land,” he concluded. (usa)

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