Madya Meeting Hall, UIN News Online – In order to develop student interest in the field of research, THE Scouts of UIN Jakarta held a National Scientific Writing (LKTI) competition. The opening ceremony and paper presentation on Wednesday, (10/25/2017).

According to the chairman of Racana Pandega Wahyu Fahmi Rijali, this event was followed by 19 people. They come from various universities and schools throughout Indonesia.

In the initial selection, said Wahyu, the number of participants who submit the abstract reached 50 people. However, after being selected by the jury, only 20 nominees are eligible for the presentation.

“But only 19 participants present to make a presentation, one participant is unable to attend,” said Wahyu.

Currently, the selection of participants is in progress. The jury consists of lecturers and journalists. While the category of championship is divided into the first to third winners, First to third runner-up winners, as best speakers and best idea category. The winners of LKTI will be announced on October 26, 2017 to coincide with the celebration of the 28th anniversary of Gudep.

“Winners will earn trophies, certificates, and coaching money,” added Wahyu.

National level LKTI students is held to commemorate the 28th Anniversary of the Gugus Depan 07.075-07.076 UIN Jakarta. Themes raised in this competition include the field of science and technology, economics, environment, education, health, and socio-cultural.

In addition to LKTI, there are also other activities were held, including the International Conference on radicalism, National Pandega Boy Scouts Focus Group Discussion, and Pari Island expedition in Jakarta. (usa)

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