Madya Hall, UIN NEWS Online –  Scout of UIN Jakarta this year accepting new members. The process of receiving members is done through a selection system that combines physical and non-physical elements.

The inauguration process of new members is done by the coach of Gugus Depan Nanang Syaikhu through the traditional ceremony held in the Madya Hall on Wednesday (1/10/2018). Newly cofirmed members are 35 people. They come from various faculties and majors. After the inauguration, they then follow the orientation for a week, both on campus and in the field.

Nanang Syaikhu in his speech said that new members are asked to be eager to follow the orientation or introduction of campus scouts organized by Gugus Depan through Pandega Racana Council. The orientation is important so that participants can understand and know the college campus scout widely.

“The college scouts are different when you’re in high school or MA. Not only recognize the Scouts in general but also in particular that are oriented to the academic world, “he said.

According to Nanang, the campus scouts have been foreign to the people. They think the activity is only suitable for schoolchildren such as elementary, junior or senior high school. In fact, the scout campus is more than just scouting education but how learners can play a role in society.

Therefore, he hopes during the scouting activity on campus the new learners do not get caught up in the scouting schooling in school. Because scouting education on campus has a characteristic oriented to community service.

“So, if all this time there is the impression that scouting activities just sing and clap, then for college students-scout it no longer exists,” he said.

The new member orientation activities will run until January 14, 2018. The on-campus orientation materials include scouting, disability, community, and survival techniques. In addition to the campus participants will also be invited to wander in the open by climbing Mount Sangga Buana in Karawang, West Java. This field activity will take place from 18 to 21 January 2018. (usa)

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