Campus Garden, UIN News Online – As many as 31 members of the Jakarta UIN Scout Movement held a field trip (comparative study) to Malang, East Java, from 10-16 September 2018. The activity was one of the members’ self-development programs, especially for Pandega candidates.

The release ceremony was carried out by the coach of Gugus Depan, Nanang Syaikhu, at the campus park on Monday (09/10/2018). Also present in the event Pandega scout advisor Arif Aryanto Aryadi and a number of senior officers.

In his remarks, Nanang said that the odyssey participants were expected to be the best cadres for the Jakarta UIN Scout Movement. Through the odyssey, many new experiences and knowledge will be gained to be developed at the UIN Jakarta campus.

“This odyssey must be productive and educative. Besides being a medium for self-development to, it can also provide positive values for improving the quality of scouting activities at UIN Jakarta, “he said.

According to Nanang, the odyssey for members of the Jakarta UIN Scout Movement was one of the means of living and learning. In addition to improving scouting skills, these activities can also foster mutual respect and admire other cultures in the area.

“Scouting activities do have to travel a lot, because there are many life lessons that can be taken, such as meeting new friends who are different in ethnicity and culture or learning about the different characteristics of the community,” said Nanang who is also Chair of the Scouting Trustees Communication Forum The State Islamic Religious College (PTKIN) throughout Indonesia.

In addition, continued Nanang, through the introduction of the region, differences in the character of the community, and a new atmosphere in the place of wandering will also foster a strong sense of nationalism towards the Motherland as well as a love of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia (NKRI).

The odyssey for the Jakarta UIN Scout will last for a week. During the destination, participants will conduct various studies and research, both academic and non-academic. Among the activities carried out such as tourism studies, history, culinary, and social problems.

Furthermore, the odyssey participants will also visit three famous campuses in Malang, namely State Islamic University (UIN) Malang, State University of Malang (UNM), and Malang Islamic University. (usa-rs)

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