Rectorate Building, UIN News Online – UIN Jakarta through the Bureau of Public Administration and Officers (BAUK) issued a Circular Letter on banning online shopping or personal letters to the address of UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta.

Thus was the content of Circular Letter signed by UIN Jakarta Rector No B-2705 / R / HK.00.7 / 09/2017. In a circular letter dated September 14, 2017. It was addressed to all UIN Jakarta academic community which restricted the use of UIN Jakarta address only for the sake of institution.

Head of BAUK Dr Rudi Subiyantoro MPd explained, it was done in order to maintain security, comfort and privacy respectively and reduce the overloaded of incoming letters in Sub Division of General Administration.

“The frequency of letters, packages, items received in General Section coming every day is out of number, that is why then we limit it by just receiving letters, goods, packages related to institution interest,” said Rudi in his office, Rectorate Building 2nd floor on Monday (09/14/2017).

On the same occasion, Head of Sub Division of Administration Farida Andriani SE who handles the administration letter of UIN Jakarta explained, most of the goods coming was in the form of personal online shopping packages of employees with the address UIN Jakarta.

 “We have to deal with reports and complaints from employees who have not received their goods or when the shipment is late and sometimes not clear where the good was, even more there was a bill addressed to UIN Jakarta”? Farida said.

Farida hoped with this circular letter addressed to all employees able to minimize the incoming of personal letters or packages, so Administration Department can concentrate more on administering the letter of UIN Jakarta. (usa)

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